March 2022

Reliable document translation over the phone and video services Santa Barbara 2022

Top on-demand interpreting services Ventura, CA today? Committed to Excellence: Our extensive experience and personalized attention ensure the highest quality results for our clients. Our speed and accuracy, combined with our competitive pricing, sees our clients come back to work with us time and again. What We Provide? Some of the translation services that we provide are: Legal Interpreting Services. Our founder Sandra Ledesma is an experienced court interpreter certified by the Judicial Council in California for English and Spanish. Discover more information on document translation over the phone and video company Orange County. Spectrum Translations equally strives to level the playing field for all stakeholders through an accurate and faithful rendition of the message.

Our approachable attitude, professionalism and linguistic abilities have seen us work closely with attorneys, parents and staff members, as well as children’s services agencies. And our education-specific knowledge ensures an accurate service, with all the necessary terminology in each language. We have also worked extensively on the translation of related IEP documents to provide non-English speaking parents, legal guardians, and caretakers with the information they need to make informed decisions about their child’s education.

Our interpreters, translators, and transcribers are not only bilingual speakers. They are trained professionals often with advanced degrees, certifications, and licenses designating them as specialists and experts in their field. We are fast thinkers and diligent language specialists, meaning a quick turnaround and unparalleled accuracy. We work hard to maintain long-term relationships with our clients to become specialists in your translation and interpreting needs. We also offer competitive pricing, matching the best prices for the highest quality services in Long Beach and the surrounding areas.

Our founder leads a team of experts in technical translation and transcription for fast and accurate document turnover. Our translators are not only bilingual, they are certified, or registered professionals who often hold a degree in the translation topic they specialize in. The members of our team are multicultural, and with their wide range of backgrounds. Long-Term Partnerships: By building relationships with our clients, we continually improve on our understanding of your company, style, and message. Discover extra info at

If you are involved in business or legal affairs, there are all kinds of legal documents that you can have translated. If you have a worker coming to your company from abroad, you might need to get the employment contract translated. A translation that is highly accurate is vital to avoid any misunderstandings later. Also, you might want to have any documents translate that talk about the legal duties that both of you are bound to. The more of the employee’s contract and related contracts you have translated, the better for you. It’s good to have a complete understanding of your legal obligations.